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La Como Fitness Club is an innovative gym in the health club industry, offering premium equipment, training and facilities in a welcoming, user-friendly environment. The gym features top-of-the line equipment and offers qualified personal trainers and floor instructors.

The vision of La Como Fitness Club is to facilitate the process of helping people better themselves by improving their holistic, physical and emotional qualities of life.

The mission of La Como Fitness Club is to maintain a state of the art gym and fitness facility that offers the clientele diverse, productive, affordable and accessible means of exercise and fitness that is supervised by well-trained staff.

La Como Fitness Club is based on the belief that healthy employees are more productive and efficient employees.

Here at La Como Fitness Club, we also know that there are all types of people in the gym with different personalities, backgrounds and goals. We believe in good gym etiquette, for example:

Consider others consider all people that are using the gym; you are not the only one in the gym or using the equipment.

Sharing does not hog the equipment. If you are done, move on so that others may also use the equipment.

Good hygiene always wipes the equipment when you are done. We will make sure that our cleaning staff cleans the equipment daily.

Respect yourself as well as other members of the gym and contribute to the spirit in the gym.

Lack of exercise and improper eating habits are two common characteristics of most the population in South Africa. Only few realize the long-term health issues and obesity related to this kind of lifestyle. We at the La Como Fitness Club desire to educate the consumers living in our community regarding healthy lifestyles and healthy eating.

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