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Where do you find the motivation to be ‘different’ ?

Have you ever just been in that really negative head space, where you cant seem to get yourself up to take a shower, let alone prep healthy meals and get to the gym?

Now coming from me, who, up until recently would be at gym Monday to Friday at 4am without fail, it may be difficult to believe, but take my word when I say I’ve been there too. Mainly because I spread myself too thin, I over commit and actually stick to those commitments, majority of the time not getting anything out of the deal. I honestly burned myself out this year and when that utter exhaustion and fatigue sets in, its all doom and gloom for any self improvement ideas you had!

Now for those who know me, you’ll understand how I’ve done a 360deg change from a little over a year ago… for those who don’t know me, just know that I was highly introvert, ‘submissive’ and quiet…. BUT with some life changes I regained my keen sense of asking questions, talking back and challenging myself to just be a better person. I can honestly say I made plenty mistakes, some more than once BUT I am constantly learning.

Now back to motivation…. Where do you get yours? Well in my experience motivation needs to come from within, having that deep seeded need to be better, to do better, and to be ‘different’. Remember you should only be competing with yourself! This is life , yes… but we’re all fighting the same battles really. Rely on yourself first and foremost, other influencing factors are great, God, family and friends, that fitness model on the cover of a magazine… All of those things can push you even more, but take away your own personal drive and passion for something, and believe me nothing will change!

Lastly this business of ‘I’ll start on Monday’ or ‘I’ll start next month/in the new year’ needs to stop. When you have a thought, start then and there! Whether it be starting a new diet, spring cleaning your house, phoning an old friend to catch up… This is a challenge to myself as well, NO MORE PROCRASTINATION. I’m hoping my ADD dies as a result :P

You have the power to do it! Complaining never got anyone, anywhere!



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