La Como Fitness Club

La Como Fitness Club is an innovative gym in the health club industry, offering premium equipment, training, and facilities in a welcoming, user-friendly environment. The gym features top-of-the-line equipment and offers qualified personal trainers and floor instructors.


The vision of La Como Fitness Club is to facilitate the process of helping people better themselves by improving their holistic, physical, and emotional qualities of life.


The mission of La Como Fitness Club is to maintain a state-of-the-art gym and fitness facility that offers clients diverse, productive, affordable, and accessible means of exercise and fitness, supervised by well-trained staff.

*Our Belief:*

La Como Fitness Club is based on the belief that healthy employees are more productive and efficient employees.

*Gym Etiquette:*

At La Como Fitness Club, we recognize that our members come from various backgrounds, each with unique personalities and goals. We believe in maintaining good gym etiquette:

– *Consider Others:*

Be mindful of other gym users. You are not the only one using the equipment.
– *Sharing:* Do not hog the equipment. If you are done, move on so others can use it.
– *Good Hygiene:* Always wipe down the equipment when you are finished. Our cleaning staff will ensure the equipment is cleaned daily.


Respect yourself and other gym members, and contribute to the positive spirit of the gym.

*Community Commitment:*

Lack of exercise and improper eating habits are common issues for many people in South Africa, leading to long-term health problems and obesity. At La Como Fitness Club, we are dedicated to educating our community about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition

Meet The Founder - Tommy du Rand

Welcome to La Como Fitness Club

My name is Tommy Du Rand, and I am the director of La Como Fitness Club. This website is designed to provide quality information to those of us who wish to live well in the pursuit of optimal wellness.

I welcome you to participate in the discussion and share your thoughts. My team of Fitness Professionals and I have a genuine passion for helping people. Our clients look better, feel better, and are more successful in all aspects of life. We strive to provide scientifically proven programs, coaching, and education that allow people to reach optimal wellness. Be sure to sign up or follow us on Facebook.

Our Mission

La Como Fitness Club’s mission is to become the number one choice for people who want to take control of their health. We will provide the knowledge and education necessary to live healthier and happier lives by promoting science-based, clinically proven wellness programs that focus on proper exercise, nutrition, and scientifically proven supplementation. Through our efforts, we can and will create healthier and happier communities.

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