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Biokinetics is defined as the science of movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment or performance.

Biokinetics is the profession concerned with health promotion, rehabilitation of injury/condition and the maintenance of physical abilities , by means of scientifically-based physical activity programme prescription.


According to BASA (

·A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist who:

Functions within professional alliance to health and medicine, and is recognised by
and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa

Improves a persons physical wellbeing and quality of life through individualised
scientific assessment and the prescription of
exercise in rehabilitative treatment
to prevent or intervene with certain ailments and the enhancement of performance (sport and work)

Evaluates & Measures: body posture, body composition, blood pressure, glucose levels,
lung function, heart rate, fitness, muscle strength, endurance, power, flexibility and other health screenings

Is a health professional who through health promotion and wellness create
a better quality of life for people they work with



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